10 Quotes That You Need to Implement in Your Life Immediately

Based on actual events that never happened:

Paul and Hilary

That Paul sure is “Mr. Know-it-all”pffff – Image by David Castillo Dominici

Paul:  “Hey Hilary how’s your book about losing weight in the winter going?”

Hilary: “I don’t know; it’s kind of slow, I need some inspiration.”

Paul: “Come on Hilary, ‘Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work.’[1]

Hilary: “Is that so?”

Paul: “Sure I mean, I am not saying that you shouldn’t be inspired sometimes. What I mean to say is that ‘Inspiration exists, but it should find you working.’[2]

Hilary: “Ow it’s like that huh! You are going to get all poetic on me now?”

Paul: “I’m just saying!”

Hilary: “So what about you lover boy, have you proposed to Michelle yet? I mean do you know that ‘Delay is the enemy of all progress?’[3]

Paul: “What’s progress got to do with it?”

Hilary: “Ow sweetheart, before you know it she will be progressing herself into some other man’s arms. You should ‘Never make a good woman wait.’[4] Continue reading