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4 Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Day

Not everyone has the same opportunities in life. Some people come from wealthier families, some have better conditions or education and some people are born into cultures which give them the edge on the competition. The only thing in life that is consistent, is the amount of time we have. Everyone has the same amount of time, 24 hours, and the way in which you choose to use those 24 hours will determine your results.

Multiple professional speakers and high-achievers talk about the 5am club because they know the power of waking up early and fully using the day. This is what my episode is about, how to make better use of the 24 hours you have.

The 4 tips are very simple:

  1. Plan your day. This is important because with 10 minutes of planning you are able to save 1 hour of execution. Imagine planning 1 hour per week, that would result in 6 hours of execution time saved. Saved, for a rainy day, or a day where you want to write that book you have been putting off for years.

To see the other 3 tips you’ll need to watch the video 😉

Enjoy, and please check out my website or YouTube channel for more information.



ABC Doesn’t Work

A Better Way to Prioritize

Ok, so it works for spelling. The whole alphabet thing actually works just fine for…you know…words and things.

But where “A, B, C” doesn’t work is for prioritization. One common thing to prioritize is your workload. Specifically your to-do list. Most people learn that A B C (or 1 2 3, or High Medium Low) prioritization is a way to work through important tasks, a quick way of deciding in what order to do things.

A Better Way to Prioritize

In my 20+ years in the productivity training industry, I’ve learned that the only thing that works with regard to prioritization is ordering by due date. The dates are usually arbitrary, assigned by you with no particular association to that date except for the fact that it’s the date you’d like to have that item completed. Continue reading