Shocking Revelation on Why You Quit Exercise!

why you quit exercise

You could be exercising and eating right and still not getting the results you should. You know why? The surprising answer could be that you are suffering from the “nocebo” effect. It’s the evil twin brother of the “placebo” effect. Continue reading

A Fit and Healthy 2018 Starts With Your Mind


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Bridge the gap between your fitness goals in 2018 and where you are today. Image by stockimages

Well, here we are again – New Year’s resolutions time! It’s that time when we resolve to do all the things we know we should do in order to live the better life we imagine for ourselves. And for most of us, those resolutions last all of ten minutes! Then we’re back doing the same old things that have brought us to a life that we’re less than happy with. And as the old saying goes: If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life.

This is true for all areas of our life, but specifically we’re going to look at health and fitness in this piece. Most of us aren’t exactly where we want to be in terms of our health and fitness level. We want to be healthier, more trim and toned than we are at the moment.

We start off with the best of intentions. We decide that once and for all: We’ll eat more healthily, we’ll go to the gym and do all the things we know we need to do in order to get fit and healthy this year. So we do that stuff for a while, and then we stop.

What usually happens is that we reach a point where the temptation to eat or drink what we know we shouldn’t becomes too strong. We succumb to the bad weather blues when it comes to going out for a run, or we stay in bed for that extra hour instead of getting up and going to the gym for the workout that we committed to a few weeks ago. Then we gradually slip back into our old patterns of too little exercise and too much of the wrong kinds of food.

So how can we avoid slipping back like this and keep our new healthy eating and fitness regime going? Continue reading

The Most Exhilarating Exercise You Can Do

Exercise and nutrition have been creating such a huge popularity over the years. Everyone wants to look like those hard bodies on the cover of the fitness magazines. The problem is that it takes work and time. Not everyone wants to put that much effort and many people just don’t have the time to fit it in.

No time. No desire. No problem.

Getting fit doesn’t mean having to drive out to the gym and pretending you know what you are doing, in the hopes of tightening up those buns and getting the washboard abs. Exercise is meant to be fun! We should want to do it and look forward to our workouts. As unrealistic as this seems for many, it can be achieved.  Continue reading

Fun is the Secret to Efficient Weight Loss

Fun exercise

Why are you killing yourself with all that labor and toil in order to lose weight? What if I told you there is an easier and more efficient way to lose weight and that it consists of having fun? According to a new study, your attitude towards exercise can influence what you eat post-workout and ultimately whether you lose weight or not.

You might be one of the many millions of people who are frustrated because of the ineffectiveness of exercise and efforts to lose weight. You may be gaining weight and eating more despite or even due to the fact that you are exercising. Continue reading

Healthy All-Season Travel Tips

Healthy All-Season Travel Tips

Healthy travel tipsHuman being’s constant desire for exploring new places and getting different kinds of experiences has continued to increase over the years. It is a natural thing to want to have a vacation in an exotic foreign country and indeed this can be the adventure of a lifetime.

In order to make the most out of it and take only pleasurable memories back home, you have to prepare for the vacation as best as you can.

If you are like most of us who are always concerned about our health, then, taking care of all the basics when it comes to keeping your fitness in check will really allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

After you choose the destination for your trip, you should go and have a medical check-up. I recommend finding a doctor that specializes in travel. This is required primarily because you might need specific precautions against different types of diseases. It is not healthy to believe that it is only necessary to take an immunization only if you are going to a place with tropical climate or an underdeveloped area. With the global pandemics, you should really do your best to stay healthy during your trip. Your medical exam will help to show if there’s any problem that requires treatment before you leave so that you do not encounter any problem when you are away from your home.

In a more detailed approach, below is a step to step guide for healthy traveling abroad tips:

  1. Before you decide on your destination, please read the CDC website for advisories. Safety and disease prevention are the most basic elements of health! Travel and health insurance abroad are available too, make sure to secure both before leaving home. If you are doing specific sports, check insurance needs for those sports.
  2. Know before you go. Check out for your destination and read the restaurant and healthy food store reviews for your area!
  3. Know before you go. Call your hotel and ask if there is a gym and/or pool.  Ask if they know any local trails.
  4. Know before you go. Get a travel guide for your destination and look online for hikes, scenic streets, famous walks, etc.  You can also look for a gym or recreational center.
  5. Know before you go. Weather! Check the weather and make sure to bring weather-appropriate clothing like rain coats or heavy coats if needed.  Hotels may have umbrellas that you can borrow so ask them when you call there.
  6. What season is it where you’re going? Are they known for outdoor sports like snowboarding, skiing, or SCUBA diving?
  7. Bring a reusable water bottle, so you can fill it when you pass security and stay hydrated during your flight and throughout your trip.
  8. Stay moving. Get up once an hour to make sure you’re circulating your body.  Stretch if there is a common area.
  9. Bring a backpack so you can walk more during your entire adventure.
  10. Foot maintenance! Take care of your pedicure, etc. before you go so you can walk and walk and walk.


While flowing along with the excitement and anticipation new adventures bring, remember to learn more about your destination country and its cultural traditions, social customs and regulations. Usually, what is considered a perfectly normal behavior in your country might be offensive and rude in your destination place. Respecting the local way of life, religious and political views, and the law is of great importance for having a fun filled vacation. For example running around in a bathing suit might be fine at the beach, but inappropriate to wear in a supermarket.

The suggestions in this article will guide you through everything you need as you plan to live a healthy lifestyle before and after you get to your destination!

Michele the Trainer is your Wellness Expert, Motivational and Wellness Speaker, Published Author, Concierge Celebrity Personal Trainer, voted Best Fitness Trainer Los Angeles Daily News 2013/2014/2015/2016. Michele’s success losing 165 pounds holistically and keeping it off since 1998 is very inspirational. Click here for fun free stuff and information from Michele the Trainer 877-409-1758

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15 Tips to Gain Weight and Change Your Mindset

healthy weight gainLast week, I shared my own story about being underweight and how I gained healthy weight and changed my mindset. Today, I would like to share my best 15 tips, so you can start your own journey to a healthy fit body and mind.

1. Know the reasons

First of all, you need to evaluate why you lost weight in the first place. Did you want to lose weight, or was it the result of a disease or a stressful time in your life?

This is very important because the goal is also to change your outlook on fitness and nutrition. You might gain weight but still have body image issues and not feel comfortable in your body, trying to lose weight again.

It seems to me that many people lose weight in times they feel like they lost control in their life. For me, it was the pain from food and trying to get the best degree as possible to be accepted to medical school. As I felt I had lost control in life, I tried to control what I could: Food and Workouts.

If you suffer from an eating disorder like bingeing, bulimia or anorexia nervosa, you need to contact a professional first. My tips are meant as a general guideline and they worked for me. I am glad I never really developed an eating disorder and if I did, it would have been much harder to get out of it alone.

2. Get yourself support

Whatever the reason you’re underweight is, you cannot walk this road alone.

You need at least one person who can give you the emotional support you need. Whenever I felt bloated and didn’t want to eat more, my mother cheered me on and said I was already looking beautiful and that she was proud of me. That kept me going. I love her and I didn’t want to disappoint her!

I know it is hard to talk about being underweight and weight gain with other people. Most of the time people cannot understand, why you would want to gain weight when they are struggling to lose weight … This is how you will discover who your true friends are and who show you support when you need it most. Continue reading

Madrid Scoop Episode 3 – Madrid Lifestyle

The Madrid Scoop is a 3-episode series which takes a look at the healthy lifestyle, health trends, and health problems the city faces.

In this third and final episode we take a final look at the lifestyle of the residents. Find out where to get your fresh healthy food when you visit Madrid and where to go to find peace when you get tired of all the craziness of the big city.

Aleha Mora

Aleha Mora is a Spanish beauty with a Media Degree and  a Master of Web Design and Digital Marketing.

Our guest vlogger is the stunning Aleha Mora. She is a Spanish gamer and footballer. She is a resident of Madrid who holds a degree in media and digital marketing.

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