Facebook Live Deep, Insights and Tips on Food, Body Image, Boundaries, Self-Care Struggles


Boy! Do I have a GOODIE FOR you that I’m Super excited to share with you!!!
It’s my first time doing a Facebook live hour long video with deep, insights and strategies to start helping you shift out of common struggles that my E-Community members and followers may struggle with.
This is a Facebook Live Video you DO NOT want to miss, especially if you’re can relate with the following struggles:
-Not feeling good enough
– Overeating, binge eating or emotional eating
-Having to deal with a spouse who is trying to be supportive, but what he or she’s saying actually isn’t supportive
-Pleasing everyone to the point that your own needs are sacrificed
 -Body Image
In this hour long facebook live where my new friend and group trainer and coach, Chantel Glesman of South Edmonton FitBody Bootcamp interviews me on these topics.
This is information that I would provide in a 1:1 or group coaching session!  Of course everyone’s situation is a little different, but there are usually universal reasons to start considering the root cause of these struggles.
Let me know what your take-aways are or if you have questions that arise by posting in the comments OR hit reply back!  🙂
Interested in Learning More on how to develop a  Mindset for a KickAss Life?
Join me on my virtual workshop on Sept 9 or live on Sept 16!

Mindset for a Kick-Ass Life Workshop

Kickass.jpgWhoohoo! I am offering a 1 day workshop called Mindset for A Kick Ass Life!

This personal and professional development course will be covering:

Tackling Your Inner-Critic:

  • How to tackle self-doubt, not feeling good enough, perfectionism, fears, etc.
  • Goal setting with Self-Love Mindset incorporated

The Psychology of Eating Basics 101

  • Basics of building a healthy relationship with food
  • Understanding how languaging about food matters and impacts you (e.g. good vs. bad food)
  • Understand what drives people to emotionally eat, overeating and binge eat
  • How to stop sabotaging healthy eating goals

Confidence vs. Bragging

  • How to love yourself without feeling like you are being conceited

Body Image

  • How to be body positive even if you want to transform your body


Supporting Others

  • How to approach others (loved ones, clients) who you suspect have eating and/or body image and low self-esteem issues and may need help


SUITABLE for ALL individuals (men, couples are welcome too!)
This is also BOTH a Personal and Professional Development Course, so for health & wellness professionals, this can help YOU so you can better support your clients.

Professionals, such as the following (but not limited to) would benefit from this course:
– Personal Trainers
– Yoga Teachers
– Holistic Nutritionists, Dieticians

Please Invite Your Clients so they can benefit too! 🙂

We are hosting this 1-day event on the following days.
Sun, Jul 30 – LIVE in Edmonton, Alberta
Sat, Sep 16 – LIVE in Edmonton, Alberta
Sat, Sep 9 – ONLINE (accessible anywhere!)

For more details and registration, please click here

roz6Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc., is a Self-Love Coach who provides both personal and business development for women and entrepreneurs. She is founder of Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc. 

She is Founder of Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc.  Having a background as a Psychologist for the last 10 years and holding a  2nd degree blackbelt in karate, she knows what it takes to develop a mindset to successfully achieve your goals in life and business.

She also is Certified in Eating Psychology and Hakomi Method, a mindfulness approach to shifting limiting blocks.

She’s the go-to person to help you understand how to breakfree from food & body image struggles, as well as concerns related to: confidence, weight, self-image, intimate relationships, and relationship with money.

She also loves coaching women & entrepreneurs to get out of their own way so they can create their dream success.

Rosalyn knows that your overall relationship with yourself has a direct impact on the success of your life and business.

When you have a healthy and nourishing relationship with food and your body, self-care habits, and high self-worth, you create more balance and financial abundance in life and business.

Calling all Moms & Women: Join me in the Sexy Black Dress Challenge

Sexy is not about truly about what you look on the outside…it starts with how you feel on this INSIDE.
I’m all about embracing SEXY from a place of SELF-LOVE and SELF-WORTH. It’s about your mindset.
When you feel sexy on the inside, you start to also show up in a way that is alignment of that sexy energy. 
Sexuality is about the ENERGY you hold, it can stand on it’s own WITHOUT engaging in sexual acts. These are NOT the same.   Nor is sexy dressing skimpy and being half naked, like what our society would define as sexy. No, no, no…this is NOT what I’m talking about.
Think about it this way: There are people who do not fit what our society would see as physically “attractive”, yet they ooze a lot of magnetizing energy. And then there are some people who our society would see as physically “attractive” and they lack this magnetizing energy. Why? 
Because it’s all about the energy you hold- confidence, self-worth, happiness, joy, vibrant energy, grounded, reflective, present, charismatic, passionate, humble, humility, generous, kind, nurturing, connective….they SHOW UP in a way that vibrates peace, happy and freedom. This only can come from inside out. You cannot fake sexy. 
So with this knowledge, when I say Sexy, I mean it about how you SHOW UP in the world as attractive (whatever that means to you). Sexy is subjective and this is all about being in alignment of what sexy is to you! 
I know some of you may be feeling resistant to the word Sexy because it may bring up negative beliefs, memories and stuff for you- especially if you have issues with being attractive and getting attention, particularly from men. 
If this is you, I invite you to REFRAME, REDEFINE, RECLAIM your right to be sexy – and I’m happy to support you 1 on 1 if stuff comes up for you as you go through this challenge. In the meantime, I believe this challenge can help you RECLAIM and RECREATE that SEXY IS part of BEING EMPOWERED.
SoooOoooooo…..Are you ready to take a challenge to get the mindset and sexy body plan to fit in that Sexy Black Dress?
Can you allow yourself to slip into that Sexy Black Dress right now?
Imagine if you had a sexy body plan to help you release unwanted weight, increase your energy, so that you can be more present and show up in the best version of you!
My friend and colleague, Kimberly has the solution for you! Description: C:\Users\Kimberly & Shannon\Pictures\WEDDING PICTURES\Professional Photo 2.jpg    
Join the 7 Day Challenge Now where she will show you how to turn the tables and ditch the diet mentality.



Here’s the FOCUS!

Learn How to Jump Start Your Sexy Body Plan.

What you’ll get from this Free 7-Day Challenge:

1. A 24-page e-guide loaded with tips to help you get your body back!

2. Delicious, easy to prepare recipes you’ll love to eat!

3. A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time at the store

4. A 7-day suggested meal guide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you don’t have to wonder what 
to eat to get the results you want

5. Tips on how to be sexy and confident

6. An online community of ladies waiting to rock this 7-day challenge with you!

7. Prizes & Giveaways each day! One lucky lady will win a 12 month group coaching package with a retreat to Sedona in May 2018

Join The Challenge Now look and feel fabulous, even if you are juggling work and home life non-stop, live the crazy life of a hard-working woman or mommy, have endless to-do list, and haven’t been on top of your eating habits forever.

I’m honoured to be invited to be part of this challenge as one of the guest coaches to help you get your Sexy Self On!







In Abundant Self-Love & Joy,

Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc.
Self-Love Coaching for Women and Entrepreneurs

Offering Personal Development & Business Development



My Self Love Interview with Nourishing Everyday

I had the privilege to be interviewed by Holistic Nutritionist Clinical Practitioner, who also has a Registered Nurse background of over 20 years, and my friend, Shonda Holt of Nourishing Everyday. She has a goal of doing 1000 interviews. I had the honor and opportunity of being interviewed by her for her View of Hope Interviews. 
In this interview, Shonda asks me why I’m so passionate about inspiring and empowering people to love themselves and love their bodies. She also has me sharing some insightful tips on how to start thinking differently and practicing Self-Love. 
And she had some fun questions to ask me about my personal life and memories, so you can get to know me a little bit more up close and personal 😉 
Click the photo below to watch! 

In Shonda’s own words: “I started this project to showcase amazing people in our world that have a vision/mission or passion to improve people’s physical, emotional, mental &/or spiritual health. Or, they have a mission/vision to improve the state of those things I believe we were given to care for such as the environment &/or animals.
My goal is to show you that there is hope. If you are struggling or find that some days the world feels dark and negative know that there are at least 1000 people who are spending their lives to make it a better place.”
you can check out my video here and check out the rest of interviews here . I encourage you to check out Shonda’s website, she’s got some awesome health programs! 
If you enjoyed what I shared, I have my freebie gift “8 Ways to Cope with Cravings & Manage Stress” in which you can DOWNLOAD HERE. 
You can also check out the Self-Love Course Happy, Healthy & Whole in Mind, Body & Soul that I mentioned in the interview here
In Abundant Self Love & Joy,
Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc.
Self Love Coach for Women & Entrepreneurs 

How I Went from Hating my Body to Loving My Body

Here’s a snippet of my own story of my body love journey: I sure hope this inspires you. ❤
Then, I decided to push my body, diet it, perfect it, and secretly binge ate ALOT….pushed my emotions down, beat myself up for eating outside my meal plan OR even foods that were on my meal plan but I ate like 1/2 a portion more (!!!!!) and it resulted in me getting my “then perfect body” in 2008 (bodybuilding)…and guess what?
I was even more anxious and obsessed about food:
-when I was going to eat next
-what I was going to eat next
-how many calories did I overeat
-how many hours i would need to work out to work it off…
-and feeling like my belly wasn’t flat enough,
-if my love handles were showing,
-did I look pregnant,
-spending hours in the change room trying to find clothes that made me look good…
I spent HOURS mentally and emotionally tortured by these thoughts…
I went from seeing my stomach as disgusting, fat, jelly, gross, beating myself for eating, having no willpower, felt like I couldn’t figure out what the secret for a flat belly was because I couldn’t get one (unless I was starving myself) …
learning to accept my belly for it’s softness, it’s shape, it’s roundness, the sometimes definition I have, and the sometimes definition I don’t have…the ever changing shape of my belly….
Even liking and appreciating my belly… to see how strong it is at it’s core, to be grateful that I have a healthy digestive system, to be grateful that a fuller belly for my body means my hormones are balanced…
Understanding on a SOUL level what my belly means. It’s the 3rd chakra.
The third chakra is the center of willpower. This chakra is all about the perception of who you are.
The gift of this chakra is sensing your personal power, being confident, responsible, and reliable.
It is the center of your self-esteem, your willpower, self-discipline, as well as warmth in your personality.
Seeing the abundance my belly has, the loving abundant energy it holds, the fact that when my belly is not flat, I am balanced, I am happy….I am CONFIDENT, I AM OK WITH WHO I AM.
And when I truly accepted, appreciated, liked, to loved my belly in all it’s forms & energies …
I felt proud and confident enough to rock it out on the cover of a Women’s International Fitness magazine, GORGO Fitness Magazine.
In my Highest Divine Purpose,
How’s that for BODY LOVE?
if I can do it, you can too ❤ ❤ ❤
Let me show you how!
Join me in my Self-Love Course:
Next class: Steps to Cultivating a Loving, Positive Body Image!
roz6Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc. is Founder of Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc.
She is a Self-Love Coach for Women & Entrepreneurs.
She has a background in being a Registered Psychologist for the past 10 years, is Certified in Eating Psychology and has facilitated live and online Food, Body Image ad Self-LOve Programs.
Rosalyn offers  1 on 1 coaching and group coaching with clients through video conferencing.
You can book in a FREE strategy coaching session here  

FREE Webinar: How to Stop Self Sabotaging Your Weight, Eating & Body Image

Are you sick and tired of dieting?
Feeling like you need to always be so focused in your relationship with food?
Feel out of control with your eating or emotionally eating more than you’d like?
Frustrated or hate your body?
Wish you could just be at PEACE with food and your body?
Join me in my powerful 60-minute FREE webinar at 7:30pm MSTMonday April 24!
You will learn:
The 4 different types of psychological stresses, and which one to really watch for…if you want to STOP SELF-SABOTAGING your health efforts!
The most surprising cause of weight gain and what to do to BOOST your ABILITY TO BURN FAT –HINT: It’s NOT about pills, exercise or food!
How your unconscious mind & environment affects your eating habits, weight & body.
See you there, Love!
In Abundant Self Love & Joy,
Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc.,
Self-Love Coach for Women & Entrepreneurs

FREE MASTERCLASS WEBINAR: Create more flow & ease – Time Management, Self-Care & Confidence


Hello Gorgeous Soul!

Recently I have noticed there are 3 common struggles that my clients are facing regardless of what their lifestyle is like: whether they are mamas, full time career women, single women, or entrepreneurs.

The 3 common struggles are:

1) Time management (Balance in life/work)

2) Self-Care Time is Sacrificed

3) Lack of Confidence (in one or all areas of life)

So I decided I’m going to facilitate a FREE workshop webinar THIS SATURDAY, March 22 AT 9:30AM MST

I always say Knowledge isn’t Power…it’s APPLYING THAT KNOWLEDGE INTO ACTION that’s POWER!

So let’s create ACTION together!

In this LIVE workshop, I am going to coach you to create a PLAN OF ACTION so that you can start implementing it in your life for the following results:

1) Learn how to manage your time better so you have more ease and flow in all areas of your life (a struggle I also personally had to overcome!)

2) What is Self- Care and creating space for it in your life because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

3) Increase your confidence in the areas of your life that need more confidence – whether that’s your body image, relationship with food, being more confident in your business, and setting boundaries …

ALL this comes down to knowing and feeling into your SELF-WORTH.

Let me show you the way so you can discover and start to stand and live from this place of SELF-WORTH!

So see you on the webinar!


Those who SHOW UP and play full out will get so much out of this because you’ll have your questions specific to your situation answered live!

Bonus: If you use Young Living Essential Oils, I will show you how to apply them in this process to shift your mindset quicker and use as a tool as you proceed with your ACTION PLAN!

Please note it’s not necessary to use essential oils, it’s just a really great tool to support you, but you can achieve success either way!

See you on Saturday!


Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc., is a Self-Love Coach in Confidence for Life, Love, Health, Wealth & Business.