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3 Dietary Mistakes That Lead to Weight Gain During Menopause and How to Avoid Them

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Did you know you could hit menopause as early as age 30?

Making the right food choices can determine how you will handle menopause. Some of the menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings weight gain, and bloating can be managed by managing what we eat. The biggest mistake people make when eating is obeying their desires i.e. you just want to eat chicken because you crave it.

Dietary mistakes that lead to weight gain during menopause and their solutions:

1 Alcohol

According to research, alcohol contributes to the formation of empty calories in the stomach. This leads to weight gain in both men and women. Excess alcohol intake leads to the triggering of menopause supplements. Taking alcohol on en empty stomach is dangerous since it generally affects body health i.e. the liver cannot perform properly since the production of estrogen is low.

Solution: If you must take alcohol take a healthy heavy meal before alcohol, this will enable proper digestion with minimized negative impacts. Take plenty of water in between meals which will dilute alcohol in the body. 

Include vegetables in your diet; this is because they contain vitamin C that is responsible for proper functioning of the liver and burning down excess calories. Continue reading

Top 12 Health Dangers of Tattoos You Should Know

Tattoos are increasingly becoming popular, but they can pose major and serious health risks than you have ever thought. While the process of getting a tattoo is simple, you should carefully think about the health effects of the permanent body art before considering having one. Tattoos refer to permanent marks or designs made on your skin using pigments that are inserted through pricks into the outer layer of your skin. During the process, the needles insert tiny droplets of ink and can cause a small bleeding or pain. Here are the top 12 health dangers of tattoos:

1-Skin Infections

Tattoos are made using needles with ink that rips off part of the skin. During the process, the needles may leave small open wounds at points of insertion. This makes your skin more porous for bacteria and can lead to infections. According to a small study recently published in the journal Contact Dermatitis, about 1 in 10 people who get tattoos experience problems like infection, redness, and swelling. You should always get your tattoos from experts who use anesthesia and observe proper hygiene to reduce the risk of skin infections. It is also worthy noting that needles can worsen an already underlying skin problem.

2-Allergic Reactions

Tattoo dyes come in different colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, black, or white. Some of these dyes can trigger allergic reactions, including irritation, inflammation, itchiness or rash at the insertion sites. Such allergic reactions can occur immediately after a tattoo is made or even years later. You may be pleased to have the best tattoo among your peers, but you will possibly be alone when facing major allergic reactions in the future. It might be too costly or impossible to reverse some of the changes that come with tattoos. To avoid such an event, appreciate the appearance on your skin or opt for tattoos that are less invasive or those made with mild dyes. Continue reading

7 Popular Summer Foods You Must Add To Your Diet

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Summer is that period of the year when there is a lot of fresh produce. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits and therefore during this period one can eat healthy and fresh foods. Summer is not only encompassed with delicious foods but it is also the period when we have the sunshine at its best that makes our body to be dehydrated and also exposes us to healthy problems such as skin cancer and insomnia. Drinking water alone does not restore hydration and a healthy body. Fruits and vegetables are essential foods that must be eaten to maintain a healthy body. Therefore in this article we would look at seven popular foods you must add to your diet in summer.7 Popular summer foods you must add to your diet1

Juicy and delicious berries

During summer, our body gets dehydrated due to excessive heat from the sun. We need to restore this water, as water is an essential component in the normal functioning of the body. Therefore the berries either blackberries, blueberries and strawberries are rich in both nutrients and also have excess water that restores the body water. This helps maintain the body water level and promoting stable body processes such as digestion, absorption, excretion and elimination of toxic wastes.


Orange grapefruits are another selection you can choose during summer. It helps you maintain a healthy body weight and also contain enough water to restore excessive water lost during dehydration. Apart from containing so much water the grapefruits also contain phytochemicals that are important in the body by getting rid of free radicals that accumulate in the body during intensive work done in summer. They also ensure a proper circulation of blood in the body and, therefore, reduce chances of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Continue reading

How To Deal With Summer Skin Problems?


With all the beautiful beaches, the tropical drinks and the warm weather, I bet it is very hard to hate the summer time. But what we do not love, though, are the annoying skin problems that might arise from staying in the warm weather for hours. No need to be irritated beach lovers, this article have pulled together solutions for some of the most commonly faced summer skin problems. The solutions provided in this article will enhance your happiness during the summer season while sipping that well-mixed lemonade on the beautiful white sandy beach. Read on, enjoy and most importantly learn how to deal with summer skin problems.

1. Clogged pores

Even if you have oily skin or you always suffer from it during the summer period, a scorching hot temperature during the summer season while trigger it to be overheated resulting to the over production of the oil, everybody love a beautiful dewy glow, but surely there is a huge difference between dewy and greasy.

Solution for the clogged pores

Ensure that you have stock up some of the oil-free cleansers that may be an oil blotting sheets and matte foundation or even BB cream, but the choice of the product solely depends on your preference. Staying in an air-conditioned area or a room with fans during the summer, will slow down the overheating of the body, and in turn produce more oil. When it comes to the moisturisers, ensure that you always use one that is a non-comedogenic meaning one that doesn’t clog the pores. Continue reading