Top 3 Cryptocurrency based products and services

Let’s take back our economy from the clutches of the tyrants who collectively own over 90% of the world’s wealth.

Not only do they control the wealth; they control us too.

This is CryptoAl and this is my contribution to the downfall of Babylon.

I am listing down the top 3 Cryptocurrency based products and services.

‘ Hey CryptoAl, why do you capitalize the ‘C’ in ‘Cryptocurrency’?’ they ask. Because I choose to.

At 3 we have Friendz that connects brands with target audiences using the power of its own cryptocoin.fdz.PNG

My second favorite which I know you guys will love is TravelChain. It is an opensource blockchain that benefits travellers and businesses at the same time.


At the top of the list is a crowdfunding platform which, you guessed it, is decentralized and killing it at the moment. My fellow cryptomaniacs may I introduce to you CoinStarter. You want to start your own cryptocoin and get the ICO? Well, you know where to go. These guys know what they are doing and have over 140,000 members already. Unlike a kickstarter where you have an army of people interested in a million things, at CoinStarter all the members are cryptomaniacs like you and I baby!


Watch the video I put up to get all the information in one place. Are you ready to do this?




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