FB cover - Embrace Inner BA (4).pngAre you stuck in the cycle of try, fail, hate yourself, and then try all over again?

Hi! I am RosAlyn Fung, a Self-Love Life and Business Coach, and I’m here to change your mindset so you can live a kick ass life!

There was a time when I was imprisoned by the thoughts of food. I obsessed over what I was supposed to eat and when I could eat next. It got to the point I couldn’t think about much else. I was stuck and life was miserable. I was not doing all the things that brought me joy and happiness and fulfilment because I was waiting for me to get to the perfect size so that I could live the life of my dreams.

Is that how you feel? The perfect life is on the other side of a number on the scale, more money, or more time?

When I got to the perfect size, and everything was SUPPOSED to change, I found I still wasn’t happy. That is when I realized that your life is not determined by your size. Joy and fulfillment in your life is determined by how you think about your life.

So, if you want to become more comfortable in your skin,

if you want to unleash that inner badass that is just waiting to come out but is hidden by all this fear and shame and lack of self-confidence,

if you want to drown out that negative voice in your head that says I can’t, I shouldn’t, I’m too fat or too old or feel ugly, I have this awesome FREE 5-Day Video Series for you now called Embrace Your Inner Badass with food, body image, self-care, money mindset & SELF-WORTH.

I am so excited to show you some practical tips to get you started on embracing your inner badass so you can live a life WITHOUT LIMITS!