How to Prevent Wrinkles and Get Clear Skin? Try These Proven Methods

As you get older, your skin tends to lose its elasticity and moisture. This makes it more susceptible to wrinkles among other signs of aging. Dermatologists have various solutions that can help you deal with those undesirable lines that signify old age. Some solutions include chemical peels, Botox, prescription creams, and scientifically proven natural products. However, the best solution is to ensure that your skin stays protected. Here is How to prevent wrinkles and get clear skin.

Use Creamy, Oil-Free Face Washes To Whisk Impurities Away And Hydrate Your Skin

Your skin is likely to become more flexible if you keep it moisturized. Protect your skin using lukewarm water and avoid hot or cold water. When applying your face wash, do so in gentle circular motions. Consider using the tips of your fingers for gentler, nicer lather. Remember to pat your face dry after you’ve applied your face wash. Don’t scrub or rub with your towel to avoid irritating your skin.

Use Vitafirm Anti-Aging Cream

This is a scientifically proven natural formula meant to minimize aging appearance on your skin. It works by improving the elasticity of your skin. Also, it repairs the surface of your face making it smooth and soft. It contains a desirable amount of Vitamin C, which helps maintain natural glow and even skin tone. Vitafirm Anti-Aging Cream helps in collagen production, which helps with skin elasticity.

By using Vitafirm Anti-Aging Cream every day, you will instantly notice the difference. The cream works at your skin’s cellular level making it firm and improve its appearance. Additionally, the cream protects the skin against solar damage. Its ingredients help reduce skin puffiness and inflammation. Using this cream every day will increase the ability of your skin to produce collagen. The effectiveness of this cream is guaranteed by its high-quality ingredients that include glycerin, vitamin C, shea butter, resveratrol, retinol palmitate, and marine collagen.

Make Sure That Your Skin Stays Protected From The Sun

When UV radiations get inside your skin, they create volatile free radicals, which cause wrinkles. Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid the sun especially between 10 am and 3 pm. Eat foods and drink beverages that contain powerful antioxidants to prevent your skin from wrinkles caused by the sun. Some perfect examples include green tea, blueberries, and pomegranates. Also, use moisturizers or creams that contain antioxidants.

Wear sunglasses regularly to protect your skin. Clothes with UV protection capabilities can come in handy especially if you spend lots of time outdoors. Remember sunscreen and use one with more than 30 SPF. Additionally, consider sleeping on your back to avoid sleep lines. Note that sleep lines turn into wrinkles with time. Moreover, sleeping on your back is good for the wellbeing of your spinal cord.

Stop Smoking

Studies show that smokers are more likely to exhibit excessive wrinkling as opposed to nonsmokers. What cigarette smoke does to your skin is to damage collagen, which helps keep your skin firm. Over time, lip pursing and squinting associated with smoking directly lead to wrinkles. You can also prevent wrinkle formation by controlling your facial expressions. Usually, more animated expressions imply more creases, which become wrinkles. At first, controlling your facial expressions can prove to be difficult. However, if you stop eyebrow raising, frowning, and squinting, you can manage to control your facial expressions in the long run.

Use Over-The-Counter Products

Some over-the-counter products can help prevent and eliminate wrinkles. One perfect example is retinoid. Usually, this product is only available on prescription but can be purchased in milder concentrations over the counter. Beware that retinoid causes irritation and redness to the skin. If over-the-counter products fail to work, talk to a dermatologist about it. The professional will suggest other options for you. Wrinkles caused by excessive muscular contractions including crow’s feet or horizontal lines can only be treated by injecting botulinum toxin. You may require filler injections if you have deep wrinkles.


Prevent wrinkles from your skin by ensuring that your face stays hydrated at all times. Hydration helps make your skin flexible allowing it to slide and move freely without damage. Remove impurities from your face by washing it two times every day. When washing your face, refrain from using hot or cold water. Instead, use lukewarm water to get impurities off your face. Use a gentle face wash to remove stubborn impurities. When applying your face wash, make sure you don’t rub or scrub aggressively to avoid irritation and redness. Scrubbing may also damage the younger, new skin below. Smoking accelerates wrinkling and other aging signs. Therefore, quit smoking to get clear skin.

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