Have You Had a Health-Scare Recently?


Yeahnick Fromfield

Yeahnick Fromfield is a comedian on YouTube with a unique style of humor.

Our guest vlogger is “The Young Russel Brand” –  Yeahnick Fromfield He is an up-and-coming YouTuber with some serious sense of humour.

Check out his YouTube channel here and follow him on twitter.

6 thoughts on “Have You Had a Health-Scare Recently?

    • Thanks Eddie, just like every comment on this blog yours is highly appreciated and valued. We do not mean to pick on anyone but we try to awaken our readers and give them the tools to enable them to make the right choices. Many of us have trusted the mainstream industry which many a time has misled us and sometimes we need to shock people (just a tinie winnie) back to consciousness.

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