3 Healthy Recipes & Food Blogs You Must Visit Today


daily burn


First on the list is dailyburn.com. This is an amazing blog that I try to read almost every day. I am really excited to tell you about this blog because it has some great recipes that will save you a lot of money.

Yes, they do have the usual vegan diets and gluten free diet recipes but what makes them stand out are the many recipes for homemade protein bars, home-made energy drinks, homemade shakes and so on. I really loved their recent post about 9 Healthy Homemade Energy Bar Recipes.

So if you are looking for some quality healthy recipes for an active lifestyle, then you know where you need to be.

leanitup printscreen


This blog is for the gym rats who work out five times a week and only eat lean meals, lean desserts, and UBER smoothies and shakes.

There is nothing fancy about these guys but you will really get value for the time you put in to read their blog posts.

If you are looking to amp up your energy levels  pre-workout and recovery levels post-workout, this blog might help you achieve just that.

onegreenplanet printscreen


This is one of my favorite healthy recipe blogs. It just has an amazing array of recipes. The blog offers ideas on the following among others:

  • Vegan Recipes
  • Brunch Ideas
  • Gluten Free Diet
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Healthy Dessert
  • Raw Vegan Diet

The thing I like most about this blog is its beautiful layout that is so user-friendly. Looking for information on onegreenplanet.com is so easy.

What makes this blog stand out is the fact that you can look for healthy recipes based on occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving for example. You can also look for healthy recipes based on cuisine such as Chinese, Italian, French, etc.

It is also possible to look for healthy recipes based on the meal you intend to make be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even brunch.

What are your favorite healthy recipes and food blogs? Please tell us about them, we would like to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “3 Healthy Recipes & Food Blogs You Must Visit Today

  1. Me and my husband can’t wait for your next recipes. Actually we printed all recipes from your website and we try to prepare 1-2 of your all time greatest hits every week.

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