Do We Really Know What We are Eating? Part 3

Consumer Power vs. Food Industry Power

The food industry has uncontested powers and it influences governments and policies. We all know that. But what we do not know is that consumers are even more powerful. Consumer behavior determines what the food industry produces. If we go to the supermarket and buy cheap processed food all the time then that is what the food industry will produce. On the other hand if the consumer ignores cheap processed food and only buys healthy organic food, then the food industry has no choice except to produce more of healthy organic food. Every time you put a food item in your shopping cart you vote for what you want the food industry to produce.

Food Industry

The consumer has the power to dictate the behavior of the food industry.
photo by twobee

How You Can Make a Change

  • Buy from companies that treat workers, animals, and the environment with respect.
  • Buy organic food; know what’s in your food by reading labels.
  • Buy locally-grown food and shop at your local farmers’ market.
  • Plant a garden and grow your own tomatoes.
  • Cook a healthy meal and enjoy it with the family.
  • Make sure your children are eating healthy at school.

woman reading label on supermarket item

Know what’s in your food by reading labels.
photo by Ambro

This blog post was inspired by Robert Kenner’s Food Inc. and it is my way of contributing towards the goals the movement aspires to.

Go to and join the fight for a healthier tomorrow.

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