FDA & NIH May Have Suppressed a Cure for Aids

AIDS ribbon

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Doctor Gary R. Davis a family practice physician (MD) from Oklahoma may have been the first man to find a cure for HIV/Aids. He died in 2007 under mysterious circumstances and his family and close friends suspect foul play.

The Theory

His work was based on the following theory:

“An immune competent animal will produce immediate antibodies in response to foreign protein. The immunologic response to that foreign protein predictably comprises both humeral and cellular response, and this immune response produces an immune modulator. These immune globulins may be transported to a member of a different species by serum transfusion simple administration.”

This can be compared to the process of producing antivenin. Antivenin is a highly effective antitoxin produced from the antibodies of a horse and is used to cure humans of a bite from a poisonous snake.

After identifying the immune modulator and successfully determining the protein sequence he was able to reproduce it in a laboratory. The laboratory results showed that HIV can be inhibited.

The Cure

The serum, known as BB: 7075, is a bio-agent produced from immunized goat blood plasma. The serum is used to stop the HIV virus from entering new body cells and stopping infected cells and virus mutation before it can establish a beachhead in the body. This is also referred to as a fusion inhibition as a result of immune modulation.

Allegedly BB: 7075 also reverses the damage already done by preventing the development of newly infected cells. The serum causes a significant decrease of HIV viral load in the human body and an increase in healthy immune system T cells.

The patient regains the ability to fight infection and returns to normal activities. As viral loads become undetectable and CD4+ counts return to normal, HIV/Aids is defeated, and the patient can enjoy a normal life again.

Conspiracy Theory or Fact

It is a well-known fact that “Big Pharma” is not in the business of finding cure. They make billions by selling drugs and making disease manageable.

Cipla is the world’s largest manufacturer of antiretroviral drugs. Cipla made 5.6 billion dollars in 2013 alone.

They make drugs for many other so-called manageable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, and depression.

Many people believe that the big boys at the country club would not jeopardize such an enormous source of income by curing disease. Surely that would reduce their revenues immensely.

Did The FDA & NIH Suppress a Cure or Was Doctor Davies a Scammer?

I leave you with this report by Fox23 and ask you to come to your own conclusion.

Aids Cure Video

4 thoughts on “FDA & NIH May Have Suppressed a Cure for Aids

  1. I met the assistant to the Doctor who discovered this CURE. S/he told me he was KILLED. 11 days before meeting the US agencies responsible for approving this miracle. S/he is afraid for her life also. Suppressed? Total understatement! Stand up and FIGHT this injustice in AMERICA!!!

  2. Set It up like a drug house. like on the streets.do it the same way beneath.freed slaves do like that”underground” People that’s infected know people cause its in there family.I’ll bet this will kick cancer, they both running neck&neck dam is this the mother f****in ancer.so much with a tight grip.yelp I think that’s they ship.and i was waitin for Dr.Gary R Davis to make on the 60 minutes June of 04 he never made it.if it wasn’t true he would still be Alive with us to day.

  3. How many signatures do we need to get this to the president.but for now I’m using colloidal silver some people my call it miracle water.look this up on youtube.But I do remember doctor”Gary R Davis goat cure”was supposed to air on 60 minutes news back in 2004 but never made it and they cut it this was in June of 2004 I set my alarm what a time because I saw the commercial that that afternoon and my alarm went off I could the program on but it never AIR. if this wasn’t true about dr. Gary R Davis he would still be alive today.But you no what I think i might try some raw goats milk.people in Africa drink raw goats milk and are tall and healthy some cant afford goats milk. Oh yeah try African herbal impi&pride check it out

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