My Podcast Interview on The Networkers Quest – for Entrepreneurs!

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in for a real treat!

In this episode, hosts Matt and Collette Fitzgerald interview me about my own journey – struggles and all- which brought me to learn what I need to teach in this world. For years, I operated from a place of “I am valued in my doingness, rather than my beingness…and that my beingness was never enough”. hence, I was an overachiever, perfectionist and type A personality. On the surface, I looked quite successful, but underneath, it was driven from a place of “I’m not enough”.

So in this episode, my hope is to inspire those of you who are struggling personally and/or in business because your fears are coming up about putting yourself out there, expanding to another level, or even just starting.

No matter where you are at, I truly believe this episode will give you deep inspiration and ideas on how you can start to get unstuck.

We explored:

*How I made the transitioned from my psychological practice to grow into my coaching business without sacrificing myself financially, and giving up time with my husband, kids and friends

*The importance of rituals to create success

*You’ll here how I still today have my own struggles that I need to continue working through!

*Steps to move out of limiting beliefs

​​​​​​​*And more!

Listen Here!

I’m super stoked to announce that I am REBRANDING and have a new website to reveal!
I am PASSIONATE about specializing in helping women entrepreneurs who suffer from “not enough syndrome”: self-sabotaging behaviours, overwhelm, burn out, and lack confidence to put themselves out there, by shifting core beliefs, so they can ultimately get more clients, make more money and CREATE HIGH IMPACT in this world.
Together, I will empower you to MASTER SUCCESS in your life and business through conscious core belief shifting and business strategic planning and execution.


3-6pm – WORKSHOP
Unleash your Inner Wonder Woman Entrepreneur Self:
This workshop is for you if you want to:
*Get out of your own way #byeselfdoubt
*Stop the comparison trap
*Own your greatness and get your message out there
*Speak confidently about how you serve and your gifts
*Have Stage and camera confidence
*Stop being paralyzed by perfection
*Scale your business
*Tame your Inner Critic
*Money Mindset – stop undercharging and undervaluing your services!


Interactive Purposeful play and Fun Networking with appetizers & wine included!
Share this with your best female entrepreneur girlfriends and come celebrate with me at this great event.
This event will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
If you’re not in the local area, I do work with entrepreneurs everywhere, so book in your free discovery call to see how I can support you as your coach!

Are we delusional about a decentralized economy?


The question arises because of the recent happenings like the fall of bitconnect and the government getting involved in the whole situation.

Perhaps the biggest issue as we see the crypto economy evolve is that there is no form of authoritative power.

We don’t have entities that regulate anything as we are dependent on the system we are in to monitor itself.

This all gives governments enough reason to poke their long noses into the crypto economy and try to establish control.

Where will we be with this 2 to 3 years from now?

It is looking more and more likely that in the future the surviving cryptocurrencies will be hybrids where regulated cryptocurrency serves under strict government control.

We know that in a few months certain governments are going to meet to discuss this issue, especially pertaining to anonymity and regulation.

In a world where you can get away with murder but not tax evasion; a world where  you can get jailed without trial for alleged terrorist inclinations. I hear governments use both terms when it comes to the crypto economy and that is scary.

Seeing how rapidly decentralized economies are growing the government does not really have a choice but to implement rules and regulations that will effect even how ICOs are supposed to be launched, what criteria they must meet and so on.

Is regulation that bad? I mean, it rids us of all the Ponzi schemes, criminals and those who crowd up the place and give it a bad name?

Regulation is a good thing, true. But the crypto community must come together and have consensus on certification criteria that cryptocurrencies must actually meet.

There has to be a body overseeing that! As long as that is not regulated properly done by us, the government will come in to play. It’s just a matter of time.

It’s gonna be difficult because crypto is growing too fast. But difficult is not impossible.

You see some governments like in The Netherlands, the government is very interested in the blockchain technology and want to integrate it into their system.

They see the benefit of it in tracking fraud and peoples digital footprints.

An all-out government raid may not be imminent but it is inevitable as they are the law and have the power to pull the plug.

The crypto will hit the trillion dollar mark this year and with that, the perverse government’s long hand of law is lurking.

So fellow cryptomaniacs let’s get organized or get centralized by the government.

I may have mentioned things you do not fully agree on, and some that you definitely like.

I am excited to read your views in the comments.

Decentralize that!

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Top 3 Cryptocurrency based products and services

Let’s take back our economy from the clutches of the tyrants who collectively own over 90% of the world’s wealth.

Not only do they control the wealth; they control us too.

This is CryptoAl and this is my contribution to the downfall of Babylon.

I am listing down the top 3 Cryptocurrency based products and services.

‘ Hey CryptoAl, why do you capitalize the ‘C’ in ‘Cryptocurrency’?’ they ask. Because I choose to.

At 3 we have Friendz that connects brands with target audiences using the power of its own cryptocoin.fdz.PNG

My second favorite which I know you guys will love is TravelChain. It is an opensource blockchain that benefits travellers and businesses at the same time.


At the top of the list is a crowdfunding platform which, you guessed it, is decentralized and killing it at the moment. My fellow cryptomaniacs may I introduce to you CoinStarter. You want to start your own cryptocoin and get the ICO? Well, you know where to go. These guys know what they are doing and have over 140,000 members already. Unlike a kickstarter where you have an army of people interested in a million things, at CoinStarter all the members are cryptomaniacs like you and I baby!


Watch the video I put up to get all the information in one place. Are you ready to do this?




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Maintain positive health in the winter – Let’s do it!


I wrote this post with people who live in parts of the world, where winter is cold, gloomy and bleak in mind. During the winter months, this is the time of year where many are susceptible to being the unhealthiest. While summer yielded endless days of blazing hot sunshine, women unveiled their bikini ready bodies whilst the men displayed their ripped physique.

The impact of summer on health

Summer is the quintessential time for putting our best foot forward. Our clothing shifts into a direction where the entire body is accentuated or exposed. It is also a time of year where people are more body conscious, be it comparing ourselves to the latest hot celebrity or observing the body type of our male or female counterpart(s). This combination of image awareness, soaring temperature and determination to look flawless enforces the notion of optimising good health.

From a psychological aspect, our emotional state elevates during the summer time. We have a tendency to be more sociable, do outdoor activities and frolic. In other words, we become much more motivated. I find it amazing how people (myself included) manage to accomplish more during the sunny days. Continue reading

Weight Loss vs. Happiness

So you are struggling to lose weight because you know once you achieve your goal you will be happy right? Well, let me be the barrier of bad news; that’s not going to happen!

Woman gagged by a measuring tape

Happiness is not determined by a measuring tape or a weight scale.
Photo by Jeanne Claire Maarbes

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Planning to workout before work? [Infographic]

We all know that one of the most popular resolutions every year is related to fitness. While many people start off strong maintaining their fitness resolutions, one of the hardest things is to keep finding the motivation, especially when working a full-time job. That’s why T.M.Lewin put together a helpful piece of content with advice and information that makes maintaining a fit lifestyle possible even when working a typical 9-5. If you’re unfamiliar with T.M.Lewin, they’re a menswear company that designs suits, pants and shirts that are perfect for the office making style achievable even when constantly on the go.


Here are tips to make it possible to achieve your fitness resolutions even while working a full-time job:


  1. Have achievable goals: First and foremost, make sure the goals you set are realistically attainable.

  2. Make a schedule: Scheduling workouts into your calendar is a way to remind yourself of what you’re trying to accomplish if you’re feeling uninspired to exercise.

  3. Set a deadline for your goal: Having an end date for when you’d like to accomplish your goal can be a great motivator to sticking to your schedule.

  4. Switch up your form of exercise: You don’t have to be committed only to the gym in order to accomplish your fitness goals. Doing activities like biking or walking are excellent ways to give yourself a break from the gym while also fitting exercise into your day.

Shocking Revelation on Why You Quit Exercise!

why you quit exercise

You could be exercising and eating right and still not getting the results you should. You know why? The surprising answer could be that you are suffering from the “nocebo” effect. It’s the evil twin brother of the “placebo” effect. Continue reading